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    Booth Tarkington says that in no state have the newspapers more "journalistic enterprise" than in his native Indiana. While stopping at a little Hoosier hotel in the course of a hunting trip Mr. Tarkington lost one of his dogs.

    "Have you a newspaper in town?" he asked of the landlord.

    "Right across the way, there, back of the shoemaker's," the landlord told him. "The Daily News - best little paper of its size in the state."

    The editor, the printer, and the printer's devil were all busy doing justice to Mr. Tarkington with an "in-our-midst" paragraph when the novelist arrived.

    "I've just lost a dog," Tarkington explained after he had introduced himself, "and I'd like to have you insert this ad for me: 'Fifty dollars reward for the return of a pointer dog answering to the name of Rex. Disappeared from the yard of the Mansion House Monday night.'"

    "Why, we are just going to press, sir," the editor said, "but we'll be only too glad to hold the edition for your ad."

    Mr. Tarkington returned to the hotel. After a few minutes he decided, however, that it might be well to add, "No questions asked" to his advertisement, and returned to the Daily News office.

    The place was deserted, save for the skinny little freckle-faced devil, who sat perched on a high stool, gazing wistfully out of the window.

    "Where is everybody?" Tarkington asked.

    "Gawn to hunt for th' dawg," replied the boy.

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